NSH/nursing math test


Hi guys! I'm new here. My questions pertains to the nursing math test during a job interview. I have an interview in a couple weeks at a Napa State Hospital and they told me that i'm going to have to do a math test. I was wondering if anyone can give me insight on how that math test would be like. Is it basic nursing math like conversions or is it really in depth like IV rate or dosage by weight, grains etc. This math test has me really feeling nervous! I can't stop thinking about it and it's distracting. I've always been so bad in math through out my life and even almost failed out of nursing school because of it.

If anyone has anything to share i'd appreciate it!

Specializes in NICU, telemetry. Has 7 years experience.

I haven't interviewed at that hospital, but any job that I've had to take a math test for had me figure out drip rates and the amount of medication to give, considering concentration and things like that.