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dont have time to read the other responses but...

I have a 14 yr old that I homeschool, a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I was a SAHM before going back to nursing school. Sometimes I really wish I had waited. But then I realize that our lives will be so much better because I am doing what I love and contributing to our dreams with work (although I think being a SAHM is incredibly noble and worthy as well)

I am in a full time program, days and some nights (have a class 2 nights a week til 9:30pm). My daughters are in daycare and my 14 yr old son stays home and homeschools (mostly self driven program). Its tough. But its worth it and my 3 yr old has really flourished in daycare. She was definitely ready for a social environment.

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Well....where do I begin?! :rolleyes: I am-as the name states-mom of six and I'm currently a 2nd semester ADN student. Our children are 7,5,4,3,18mo, and 4 weeks tomorrow! I had number five while doing prereqs-all 3 semesters of which I did online... I was pregnant through all of first semester of nursing school and still working full-time nights at the hospital as a PCT, and then took 'educational leave' this semester. I only missed one clinical day 4 weeks ago...instead of attending my first day of L&D clinicals as a student, I attended as a PATIENT!!! Oh well, at least he had me in the right situation! :chuckle My husband is very supportive and helpful with everything. We do not do daycare, as it would break the bank! He is also a PCT at the hospital and is currently an EMT/Paramedic student. We work opposite nights and try to work our schedules around each other as much as possible-we are very lucky to only have to utilize his father as a babysitter every once in awhile. Thinking about it, I really don't know how we do it, or how we managed to find the time to HAVE all these kids! It is do-able.....we are living proof. It is exhausting, and the upkeep of the house sometimes suffers for it, but our kids are happy, we have a good marriage, and we are getting the educations that will put us where we want to be financially. Do I wish that I had done this sooner? Heck yeah!!! Would I have done it if I had known how crazy it would be? Absolutely. The time was going to pass anyhow....at least at the end now I will have a degree and a money-making career that is interesting to me. Good luck and have faith in yourself...and the little ones...and Chef Boyardee...It will all be worth it in the end!!!



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My oldest was 2 1/2 when i started pre-reqs. 3 months later I was pregnant with twins and finished my pre-reqs when I was 5 months with them. I got accepted to the nursing program for an October start so my oldest was 4 and the babies were 7 months. I have them at the baby-sitters house while I am in class (2 days a week) and one morning a week I have to drop them off at 6am to be at clinical on time. The other clinical day my mom spends the night so I don't have to get them up. I also work Friday and Saturday nights. I have to do patient research on wed. and thurs nights so I am home Monday nights, tuesday nights, sat during the day, and sunday. I try to do most of my studying on sundays. I get about 3 hours in.

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It's not easy but it's doable. I have 4 children and I have done it all on my own with out even help from my husband. I have no family or friends close by. I have gone full time to do my pre reqs. I start NS in August and I have let my husband know he will have to step it up, without having friends or family here and class 5 days a week and clinicals that can start as early as 6 and end as late as 11:30 I will have to have some help. Day care isn't open that late or early.

Don't approach it as a hindrance or a negative thing. Tell yourself. Ok I have to go to these classes and I have the kiddos so what is going to be my mode of action.

I have never let having 4 keep me from doing anything I adjust my life to fit having kids. People tell me I am crazy because since my husand works and I don't, it will be nothing for me to pack up my kiddos and drive across country to visit my folks in the summer or winter time while he works. I think when you approach mother hood with this sort of mindset having children becomes so much less stressful. At least from my expierience with my own kids, seeing friends struggle with theirs and years of working in childcare.

Good luck with your endeavours.

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I am in my first semester of NS and the single mom of three-year-old-twins. I was a SAHM until my ex and I split up. I live with my mom, so I don't have to work during the semester - I live on grants, loans, and child support, and spend most of my time studying. I get most studying done while the kids are in daycare, and after they go to sleep. It's hard because some nights I can't get them to go to sleep, and I have to either stay up real late trying to do it, or just give up. When I have to be at clinicals at 6 AM next semester, I will have to have my mom, who works nights, meet me at the hospital to pick up the kids and take them to daycare, as it doesn't even open until 7:30. I have tried to find one that opens earlier, but none of the ones in town are taking TWO 3-yr.-olds (there must have been ALOT of action going on in this town at the same time I got pregnant!!), so I have to make do. My ex lives 4 hours away, so he can't help much. He takes the girls on weekends alot, though, so I use that time to study and get stuff done.

We eat lots of frozen meals, and I set out our clothes and stuff the night before so that I'm not rushing around in the AM more than I have to. I just plan ahead constantly, and if I have to do school stuff around them, I do stuff that I don't have to really focus on - like flash cards, etc. So if they interrupt me, I don't totally lose my train of thought.

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