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NS test tips

Im about to go back to NS for my 2nd semester after doing horrible my 1st and was wondering if anyone has any tips/insight in regards to the way test questions are asked and answered in NS. I find their 'critical thinking' style of testing INCREDIBLY hard and I was wondering what tricks/tips those of you that are SUCESSFUL at tests use??? Ive heard people say ABC's, or if its an assessment question its an assessment answer, so on and so forth, etc..

You need to learn how to prioritize. The ABC's work, along with patient safety. If I were you, I'd buy an NCLEX book and practice the questions. They teach you how to choose the correct answer by using info from words found within the question itself as well as dismissing certain possible answers.


turnforthenurse, MSN, NP

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Yes, prioritization is key. You can do this by ABC's or Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And remember, patient safety is #1!! I would buy an NCLEX book (such as Saunders) to practice NCLEX-style questions. Those will help you get into that prioritization/critical thinking mode.

I'll agree that practice NCLEX-style questions are a big key. You should buy some of the types of books the other posters are discussing. That is, unless you're web-savvy enough to locate enough questions by accessing them on Google books, textbook publishers' websites, .docs and .ppts posted by other programs, etc. Your textbook(s) may also have a site with practice questions.

Early in my first semester, my mentor told me that he takes a minimum of 1,000 practice questions before each exam.

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Personally, I think 1000 questions is a bit overkill. Buy a good NCLEX book...I recommend saunders. Do the questions that apply to the section you are being tested over. Always read the question twice....and go with your first instinct. I always got a lower score when I changed answers. If the instructor stresses a certain part of a lecture, it WILL be on the exam.