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I currently live in the Northeast and will be finishing up my FNP in May of next year. I was wondering what the outlook was for new grad NPs in the Phoenix area at this time. I would really like to move to a warmer climate and experience a new city. If anyone has any input I would really appreciate it.

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I'll try and help. I've known a few new NPs to get work quickly, but that is due to "who they know". Otherwise I don't think the market is great for the inexperienced NP. There have been alot of BSNs recently enrolling and graduating with a NP here in the Valley of the Sun and they will have contacts that you will lack.

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You know where I would try? Luke Air Force Base. I am not sure how you apply there, I could ask my husband for you, if you're interested. We are military (although, he is Army, not Air Force) and we have been in the military for 13 years, so I know that there are civilian NP's (MD's, PAs, etc.) within the military system. It might be easier to get a job there first.


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Thank you both very much for your input! I am still a ways out from graduating, but I will definitely take this into consideration. I figured it might be a "who you know" type of situation, unfortunately. I visited Phoenix last month and I loved the warm weather, beautiful mountains, nice people, and affordable homes. The job market where I am is great but unfortunately the cost of living is astronomically high. I will take arc1's suggestion and look into the Air Force base. :)