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I have a BS in Business Management and am currently in a RN program. I am trying to figure out my plan of action upon graduation, as I want to persue a master's degree. I am intrested in becoming a NP and am also intrested in the MS with Nursing Leadership concentration. Have any of you heard about the Nursing Leadership masters concentration? If so what are the career opportunities? Also, I also think it may be a bit unnecssary since I have a BS in Business Managment. What are your opinions based on experience? Any advise or opinions would be helpful. I think I would be intrested in NP work now and then with age take a management/administation position.

Additionally, how are the post-master's degree programs designed? Could I do a MS in Nursing Leadership then complete a post-master's certificate in NP?

Thanks for reading and for any advise!

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I don't know much about nurse leadership programs, but it seems to me that if you have a BS in business administration, you should go ahead with the NP. This will allow you options outside of administration (i.e., if you get tired of being a manager or whatever, you can also practice as a practitioner). If you get your MSN in leadership, you would only be able to work in a business / leadership role.

At my school, all of the MSN students take, like, four of the same classes, then it breaks off into the individual programs because they are so very different.

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Most of the MSNs in leadership area aimed at the mid-level leader (manager of a unit, administrator of outpatient services, director of nursing informatics, director of outcomes management, etc). Or possible to be chief nurse at a small or community hospital.

The content in NP programs and administration/leadership programs are totally different. While you could do one for a MSN and the second for a Post-MSN, I would encourage you to consider what pathway you really want to follow. Then go for it.


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When you talk about a Master's in "leadership," are you talking about a CNL (clinical nurse leader) program? That's v. different from an MSN in administration.

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