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Hello everyone! I just want to know anybody's experience as a np and how it differs from md. I am considering between the two careers and I'm really interested in both. If this is any help I live in Texas and about to enter college.

Thank you!

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To be honest you are years away from having to make that distinction. Focus on your studies. See how you perform in the basic sciences. Take a more advanced science like genetics / virology / organic chemistry etc and see how you do. That will make a huge difference in career choice as well as work life balance something we can not answer for you.

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Its more intricate however the quick and dirty: if you want a more flexible, shorter but significantly less comprehensive education that is less financially rewarding with less respect go nursing.

I was asked this questions during my NP interview, "how would you differentiate between an NP, PA, and MD?"

My answer that she seemed to like was, PAs and MDs follow the medical model in their studies and practice, and NPs follow the nursing model. To put it very generally, PAs and MDs treat a problem or disease, and an NP treats a person with a problem or a disease.

Continue your studies and see where your interests and inherit skills are, the roles are completely different and you should quickly figure out which is for you.

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