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I know I want to become a NP, but I am not so sure what I want to choose as my specialty. I know that different schools have different programs, some having a broader range than others. I know I probably don't want to specialize in geriatrics or prediatrics, but other than that I haven't narrowed it down. One of my concerns is whether or not the job market is better for certain specialties. I think I read somewhere that Family Care NP is the most common, does that mean that it would be harder to get a job? What are the more rare NP specialties? Do they get paid more? Is it easier to get a job with a less common specialty? Also, is there a wide range in salary among NP specialies?

If anyone can answer my questions please do so - it would be greatly appreciated.

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Becoming a FNP would make you the most marketable. You would be able to work in pediatrics/family/internal practice or specialities such as derm, cardiology, endocrinology, etc. Almost anywhere.

Salary is variable depending on where you live, practice type, urban vs. rural. You can go to Advance for nurse for salary survey of 2007, done every 2 years for salary range in cities.

Hope this is helpful.

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