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Hi all,  

I am a family nurse practitioner with 2 years of NP experience. Prior to that, I was a bedside RN for 12 years. My experience is mostly cardiac or med/surg step down. I did a lot of travel nursing in my 12 years as well.  I'm currently planning ot move to New Orleans from Chicago to be with my fiance. I'm applying for NP primary care jobs and I think I'm close to getting an offer. Unfortunately even if I get a job offer now, I won't start working until October due the length of time it takes to get credentialed.  The time off sounds great, but we're planning a wedding and I need cash.  

I was thinking of applying for a travel nursing position in Louisiana to do in the meantime.  I think I remember the travel agencies requiring recent job experience in the last 2 years or less.  May of 2022 was the last time I worked as a bedside RN.  Does anyone know of any agencies who would let me work as an travel nurse even though my recent experience is primary care NP work? 

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