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NP Programs on a Quarter System

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I've been searching for an online graduate nursing program preferably FNP or WHNP that will work with my M-F 0800-1700 job. Initially, that doesn't sound like much of a challenge, but it is. Most graduate programs are designed for the bedside nurse who works 3 bedside shifts a week which allows for larger chunks of available time for study.

I did my RN to BSN online through Purdue Calumet. Their 10 weeks on, one week off quarter system was ideal for me. This format allowed me to focus exclusively on one course at a time. I was so happy with this experience I enrolled in their online FNP program. What I didn't know is that their FNP program is offered in a more traditional online semester system. I attempted to take two courses; three one semester, and work my traditional 8 to 5 casemanager hours. I withdrew after two semesters. Mostly, because I felt like I was constantly drowning juggling the two courses and full time work.

Anybody know of an online NP program that offers coursework in this quarter system format? I've done a lot of looking around but haven't discovered anything yest.


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Yes, frontier nursing univ is quarterly. Winter, Spring, Sunmer and Fall. I start their FNP DNP program Dec 2015.


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You will find several programs that offer the quarterly system, but I think the bigger challenge will be clinical time. A lot of programs don't allow clinicals to be done on weekend hours. If you work early morning to 5 M-F, when are you going to do clinical time?


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Great question, littlepeople.

Walden is another option, but the clinical timing would pose a challenge for you to still work M-F

The quarters are 12 weeks long with one week break in-between. Some classes are only 11 weeks, though.

Good luck on your search.