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NP - No, not Nurse Practioners


NP's... does anyone have experience working with them? (Naturopathic Doctors)? We just hired 2 in our hospital and both are doing rounds in each department for a month and are seeing patients in the ER that request to see them as well (they are the same rate as a PA/NP as opposed to an MD or DO). Did you notice any major difference in care? Did you enjoy working with them?

Just wanted to gather some opinions since I've never worked with them before. Thanks!


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I'm familiar with NDs (Naturopathic Doctors), but I've never worked with one. I've only been a patient of a couple, years ago. I've never heard them referred to as anything but naturopaths or NDs. In my state, they can prescribe anything but controlled. I think most people underestimate the level of their training. I do think many NDs are a bit too fru-fru (IMHO).

Maybe you are near one of the naturopathic med schools, and this is just a rotation for the NDs to learn?


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sorry, only marginally on the subject, just thought i would share something from the outback. in our hospital (...might just add that the next closest hospital is 5 hours away (1/4 of the size of ours) and the closest 'trauma' centre is 14 hours away by car!) ... 80% of our patients are aboriginal- without going into alot of detail here; lets just say it is very interesting work! this population has been around for over 40,000 years, but only within the structure of modern society for two generations.

western medicine is not always the answer for some that end up in our hospital.

anyway, i have seen some very incredible 'healing' occur through aboriginal doctors called 'ngangkaris'. i have also been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with one who explained to me that in most cases, in this day, he must bring a spirit back to a person. he also told me about spells other 'tribes' or people can put on a person by pointing 'bones', that can kill- i have certainly seen unexplainable illnesses take a young life.

just thought you might find it interesting- i certainly do and feel really fortunate to be finishing school and starting as an rn here in january. i certainly believe in the power of other cultures for healing as well as our own. western medicine is truly missing 'heart and soul' compared to some alternatives and don't you think it is possible that is what many of our patients are missing in fast paced society?

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