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My husband and I are moving to Chicago in December and I've applied to several masters entry programs. My ultimate goal is to work as an NP, but I've heard some negative things about the job outlook for NP's (and PA's) in Illinois. Is this true or rumor? Any info. would be great. I'd hate to complete three years to become an NP and then find out it's a rotten job market.


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I live in central IL near Peoria and in my area there are openings but they are few and far between. In Chicago, I know there are several schools but I also know that I get a lot of recruiting info from that way. I would contact Northwestern, Loyola, or one of the other hospitals and see how they view their future hiring practices. Good luck.

I live in a suburb outside Chicago and work for Dr's answering service. Through my job I have met many dr's, nurses, etc. I know one NP who works with a surgeon. My husband went for a checkup and was seen by a NP. My kids needed a last minute appt. and were seen by a NP. I also went to the urgent care center for strep and was seen by a NP. I work in the hospital and speak with at least 20 different facilities and hospitals in the area and I don't see a lot of NP's, but in dr's offices and urgent care centers it seems they are growing in number quickly!!! I am glad they are paving the might be something I am interested in someday.

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