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Now that we've reached Spring Break, how are the current students doing?

Red Kryptonite Red Kryptonite (Member)

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Halfway through the semester, how is everyone getting along? After clinical this Saturday I'm off for the week and officially 1/4 done with my program. My grades are where they need to be.

So how are you doing? Anyone wanna brag? Anyone need help?

Yay us for making it this far! It seems like I have already lost so many classmates in this short first stretch. So far so good though. I am so ready to get back to it because my spring"break" has been filled with anxiety due to an overwhelming sense that I am over sleeping, missing classes, and forgetting to work on and turn in phantom homework assignments. Ha, gotta love nursing school!

Natasha, CNA, LVN

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Today is my last day for spring break (cry) and tomorrow its back into the wilderness. LOL...Currently taking med surg 1 , pharm and nutrition. We have a nutrition test tomorrow. I have been studying on and off and today going to buckle down and get back into the groove of things. What about everyone else?