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This is my first post here:) I have applied to Nova southeastern for january 2010 and am pretty anxious...:(

I have a 3.14 gpa overall with an AA from MDC..Does anyone know what average GPA that they look for?? Is there anyone in the program that really likes it or doesnt like it? I was excepted for Barry fall 2010 but they're more expensive, so im hoping Nova will give me a chance...any advice or info??


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I also submitted my application for January 2010. My cummulative GPA is 3.4 from MDC, but based on the posts I've read on this site they look at more than just your overall GPA. I have many friends in the program now & one of them was accepted with a 2.7 which is the bare minimum.

When did you submit your paperwork? Let me know if & when you hear from them about an interview - good luck!!


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I submitted my application about two weeks ago, so hopefully i'll get a call for an interview soon:) I'm just soooo stressed out that i wont get in. When i started school I had no idea how competitive it is...or maybe they just make it seem that way. i'm also applying to Broward Community, so if this doesnt work out then maybe that will. Did your friend already start the program? Did she say it was really stressful? Do you know what the schedule is like there? I'm also a little worried about the cost of the school. I guess i'm going to have to take out you know anyone that is taking out a loan or are you planning on doing that as well?

sorry to ask so many questions!!:)


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Its ok - I had tons of questions myself .. lol .. Fortunately for us, we have this site where we can get real information from actual students that went through the process. My friend is in the program now, I think its his second year. The schedule is very demanding so you can't really work. The tuition is definitely expensive, but its also the reason why getting in isn't as competitive as MDC or BCC. If you get accepted Nova will offer you the Baptist scholarship as well as financial aide. I plan on applying for the Baptist Scholars Program and if I don't get accepted my next step would be financial aide & loans.


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I got a call for the interview, its this friday November 6, 2009. Has anyone gone to the interview? does anyone remember any questions?


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how did you interview go?

what did they ask you?

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