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What should we bring on that day?


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why? you declined the admission?


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She received an email today saying to please contact the office because her packet was returned by USP.

She checked her VIP page before calling or anything and there it was the "Congratulations" message:D

So... she didn't get an email, it seems like they sent her the packet over the mail first.

I'm soo happy for her she deserves it :) I just really hope that we can start together :idea: still waiting.....

when is your orientation day?


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site, and I've been reading through the messages that you guys wrote. I'm also awaiting on Nova's decision for the spring semester.

I called this morning, I spoke to a lady in admissions (not Ashley), and she said that they were still accepting students.

I'm a bit frustated because November is coming to an end, and I know once your accepted into the program there's so much to do after words, like residency (financial aid), payments, immunization records, etc.

Well, I wish you all (those who are waiting) best of luck. Hopefull we'll receive some good news soon.

hey, did you accept?

Vivi90, I think you should post one comment at a time. Posting like that can lead to a very confusing conversation.

I will be at orientation on thursday. As far as I know, we have to be dressed professionally, bring our signed agreement to attendance and dress code which can be found here, and any other forms you have pending to submit. I suggest we bring a picture id, just in case.


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Trust me if you want. I am a student who came from Broward College with a G.P.A of 3.91. I applied to Nova Southeastern University. I really regret to go over there. I am seeing people who are killing themselves on this website to go Nova or are crying because Nova did not call them. You better say thank you to God because you did not put an unnecessary loan on you. I think that Nova is harder than Broward College and Miami dade. And with this community schools you will be almost without debt. I understand a lot of you would like to be nurses, but be careful because in the $24 will be started $10 will be for Nova. B.S.U.


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I have a question for you guys. I was looking at the online application for Nova and I saw it said something about an Evaluation and reference form. What exactly is that?


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Hey everyone!I'm almost done with my NSU application! I only have to mail in my last letter of recommendation. I hope everything gets there before April 1st! Does anyone think this will effect my chances if getting in? It took me this late to apply because I wasn't sure I wanted to attend nova. Anywho, I'm applying to the fr. Myers campus and hopefully I get in. My gpa was a 3.3 overall and a 3.1 in sciences. I have worked in a hospital since high school so not sure how much that counts. I am also in the process of finishing up Chem.What do u guys think my chances are of getting in?! Any feedback would be great!


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Goodluck to you all! I got into the Nova for this upcoming Fall for the Kendall campus. I know you guys can do it! :nurse: