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Not a lapdog! would like input


I have worked in 3 facilities in the OR. One as a CST and the other two as an RN circulator. I currently work in a level 2 trauma center that sometimes feels like a day surgery center. Recently our boss, upon feedback from surgeons, requested the entire OR staff be waiting in pre op within view of the patient's room ten minutes before the first case of the day is scheduled to start for the surgeon to view us. The typical first case is a 0700-0715 room time and the staff meeting does not conclude until 0645-0650. The cases can range from total knees to a robotic total hysterectomy, and everything in between. They are really pushing for no delays also.

I have never heard of this implemented and find it to be an incredible waist of time. Furthermore I find it somewhat degrading. I am an RN not a lapdog. I really put priority on patient care and want my room to be absolutely prepared and all care aspects addressed before rolling into the room, not sitting on my larels waiting for a physician to see me doing so.

Am I wrong in my thinking? I'm really confused at why this is even being aloud to occur. would love to hear your thoughts.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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This makes no sense to me either. Why spend time standing out in preop awaiting a surgeon when that time could be better spent preparing the room? If it's a "request", it's one I'd not be willing to acquiesce to. The surgeon can meet the team in the OR. Surely, unless completely brand new, the surgeon should have a bit of familiarity with those employees working in the specialty.

Oh, and the vast majority of our delays? The surgeons can't be bothered to show up on time. Yet we're the ones who keep hearing about reducing the delays.

He wants to view you beforehand? What purpose could that possibly serve?! Awfully reminiscent of middle school PE where they choose teams until that one poor kid that is always chosen last is left standing.


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Your management should be fired if they are ok with this...