Not a very good start to clinicals


We do clinicals on Mondays and Tuesdays. Yesterday, Monday, was our very first day ever. It was a short day to begin with and between one thing and another we (me and partner) did not get introduced to our patient until rather late in the day. We were supposed to get vital signs and a full physical assessment done but never got to more than BP, respirations, and pulse. We were also supposed to sign into the computer system to look up the patient's meds and medical history but I was never able to get my password to work. I was going to get these things addressed today, Tuesday, which would be a longer day, but our instructor called in sick so we couldn't be on the unit. We had to go back to campus. So. I'm just feeling completely inadequate and didn't get to address the stuff I'm worried about, such as logging into the system and being able to get more done. I guess I just need to vent a little.

ALSO - I just have so many questions about how to do everything! Like, okay, with physical assessment you're supposed to do things in such an order as to minimize moving the patient up and down and around too much. Well, how do you assess the lungs posteriorly in a bedfast patient? I'd have been afraid to sit this particular patient up on the side of the bed as we were doing during check-offs. Can you do that with someone who can't move themselves, no weight bearing on one leg?

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Well, how do you assess the lungs posteriorly in a bedfast patient?

Roll them onto their side.

Congrats on starting nursing school! Good luck!


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Thank you. "Duh" to me. I get so confused I can't even think straight.


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Things will get better! To assess lung sounds in bed bound patients, have someone help you sit patient up and support patient while you assess or roll to side and assess skin integrity at same time.