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Not feeling confident about getting in to a program

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Hey! I’m a pre nursing student in north GA. I originally was a biology major. I hated it. I had one bad semester where I failed two classes and made a C. Other than that, I’ve been an all A and B student. I have had to work so hard to get my GPA back to a 3.38. I just took my first HESI test and made an 85. I’m retaking in July to aim for better. I’ll be taking my TEAS then. Has anyone had experiences getting in with a lower GPA? Any advice on how to stand out? Prepping for HESI/ TEAS? Any GA nursing programs around the Athens area? Thank y’all in advance!!

Yeah. My undergrad overall is 3.0 and my sgpa was like 1.0 before taking prerequisites. I had a period of hard failures that were converted from incomplete 15 years ago after one of my children was critically ill. The last 3 years of my undergrad degree we’re 4.0. For various reasons I completed my prerequisites through straighterline because three local schools would take it, and it had no bearing on my GPA if I chose to later in do a post-bac and apply to md/do school. I excelled. I received acceptance last week to a demsn program that grants BSN/MSN in 18 months. It’s private non-profit, and not cheap. 55k or so. In my case that’s no issue, but for others I can understand it would be.

I have no idea how hard it would be to get into one of the cheap and ultra competitive community college programs.

‘I’ve heard "Cracking the nursing school entrance exams" is a good book.

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I don't know, I think that sounds pretty solid if you ask me. I also have a biology degree and I regret not throwing in the towel and switching to nursing midway. Having to take Calculus, physics and organic Chemistry really messes up your GPA. They can say, oh schools "like" to see those classes, but the reality is, they also like reporting they have stellar entry GPAs and you don't fit that mold! Whole lotta work and not much anything else other than fatigue. I actually just saw a school in Georgia that reopened their Fall 2020 admission last night. Too far away for me from home, but I'd apply to that if I were closer. Tells me the applicant pool is low, now is the perfect opportunity! I just googled for like 5 minutes and couldn't find it, but it was on a facebook post the school posted while I was searching for "deadline extended fall 2020 nursing programs" something along those lines.