Not fair!


I just found out I've been accepted into the best phlebotomy program with the highest certification and most prestige and esteem and I can't do it because it conflicts with my cna class!!!! Ugh!

I applied over two months ago, didn't hear so I went ahead and took the cna class. The program head calls me with less then 48 hours before the registration there closes. Said she didn't know how it took so long. I told her I had to think about it but theres no way I can drop my cna class now.

I'm so bummed that class and certification with all its reputation and my cna license would have guaranteed me a job in hosp. They take only one class a year! It would have given me a mega salary bonus as I continue to my degree. Oh well, guess I'll take another less credentialed phlebotomy class. Still its not fair if I had known I was accepted I would have done the night cna class. Time to click my heals yet again and say "my degree is just two years away, two years away"


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Can you transfer to the night CNA class?

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I hear phlebs make more $$. Do you need to be CNA cert. for nursing school, or is this what you want to do? Good idea from the other poster who suggested possibly transferring to a different cna class. As a nursing student who was a cna for 12+ yrs, I can say that I would definately have benefited from phleb. Good luck and I hope you find a way to do both.


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I wish I could transfer but thats a shorter course and their way ahead of me. I'm taking cna so I can work my way through my lab degree. I like nursing but I prefer the lab end. And cna is a huge help getting into thoise programs. Oh well, I'm on the waiting list for the one at my college maybe it will come up quick. Phels do make more money and cnas with it are virtually guaranteed hosp work.


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CNA exp. will take you ALOT farther than phleb. will, take phleb. @ a trade school or something, DON'T drop the CNA, it will help you SOOOOO much in nursing school if you have aide exp. Good luck, L

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your taking all these classes,

Get your RN, its not easy though

Life is not fair

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