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Nosey parkers


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I am sat reading this board at uni, (for a change) whilst waiting for some printing to come out....(45 minutes and counting) But some of the threads I have been browsing on this and other sites have made some nosey people turn a little bit green... In fact one guy ,may now have decided to quit smoking after the lung ca pictures I was viewing...

Had to share.

One guy has now gone bright read, after reading my type this post! serves him right:)


:rotfl: I have not heard the term nosy parker for a long time!!!

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I have never heard that term before?



Specializes in Cardiolgy.

Maybe I should have put it in the regional saysngs thread.

I couldn't resist starting this thread, because I was waiting for the printing it took about an hour and a quater!!! which is ridiculous, but this guy was being so nosey, reading everything not even trying to be subtle.. and he just flushed beet red when he realised that I had cottoned onto what he was doing.

But the people who turned green were the best


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