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northwest college??


I was wondering if anyone had any information about northwest college in riverside ca? I have been thinking of going to school for LVN but I do not know which one to choose. I really dont want to go to a community college because I am a mother and can only afford about one year of no income and also dont have the best gpa ( I went to college when & was 17 and did not take it seriusly at all) Anyways, I have looked at northwest and everest in anaheim. Can someone please direct me to the right one????

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Andrea :loveya:

I went to northwest college in Pomona, ca. It was the most stressfull time in my life. A lot of studying, determination, and sleepless nights. It was my passion, and praying that helped me throught it. It costed about 28,000. I would say just be willing to drive at least 30plus miles to do your clinicals. Make sure that your job will work with you on your hours. I signed up for nights and throughout the program it changed from days to nights:mad:vice versa. Form a study group that you could benefit from. any more questions just ask:D

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I went to NWC a few years ago & it was about $26K during the time. I did learn a great deal from clinical rotations. I had strict but excellent clinical instructors. My classmates were mostly helpful & friendly and I still keep in touch with them. I do not regret going to NWC because it reaffirmed my short-term goal (obtaining a BSN). But if I had to do it all over again, I would not go through NWC again. Things might be better now but it was a pretty negative experience for me in general. Several administrative mistakes were made & I was mostly teaching myself through lectures. After all, it is a business so their #1 priority will be profitability, not quality of education. But I do understand that you feel like NWC is more convenient than community colleges. I cannot decide for you because we are in different situations. But if I were you, I would do some deep research before deciding. Look into their board exam passing rate & reputation, talk to some of their current students, find out how easy/hard it will be in finding a job after graduation. If you're interested in doing the LVN-RN bridge down the road, find out the exact qualification criteria (ie...it's more than just anat, physio, and micro). Hopefully that should help you make a decision that you won't regret.

I am a recent graduate of the LVN program at North West College Riverside campus. I took the night class there and I strongly discourage anyone to go there. As our class was graduating the two night teachers left as well. Amazing, insightful teachers, I might add. The teachers that took over these classed teach almost entirely off a powerpoint which they more or less just read to you. From personally knowing the students I know that this is not enough and that these poor students all feel like they have no chance of graduating with the educators they've been given. When these students went to administration about the fact the these teachers (One class has 2 teachers that can do nothing more than run a powerpoint presentation) were not teaching them what they needed to know to be able to pass the exams that the school is giving, nevermind the exit exam and boards if they make it that far, the administration told them "They are the only tachers we have, suck it up." Personally I'm not sucking anything up when I'm paying them 28 thousand. Over this matter many students have left the night class. I dont know of the day classes, I've met some of the teachers and really they are very nice and I have nothing bad to say, but I was never in day classes either. My biggest problem with even the day classes is that the administration is the same. They dont care about students, they are unprofessional, and they love to see who can be either meaner or more demeaning to the students. I strongly advise future students to look elsewhere and really go over their options first. Someone close to me planned on joining the day classes here and we decided another school would be a better option. What's going on at the Riverside campus should not reflect all campuses. Other than day classes struggling in West Covina I haven't heard or experienced anything at any other campus that would make me uneasy about going there myself or having someone I care about enroll.

PS - When I graduated from North West College I was incredibly humiliated that I took my family to such a tacky, ghetto, no effort afair. There were no decorations, except for those of previous events held at the place left thrown in a pile and half hung up right behind where we were to take our pictures of us being pinned. They staff forgot out music so they tried to get us to walk out to some Wizard of Oz bs. Oh and halfway though the ceremony the super mario bros screensaver on the laptop went on the screen where the slideshow was being played earlier and stayed up for probably 5 minutes before any staff noticed. Also the Music was played off a boom box that was so cheap and old that an Ipod was not able to be hooked up, and they decided we didn't need to use the PA system the building came equipped with. Oh yeah, and the 13 of us graduating got color brochures while all our family and friends got black and white copies, which wouldn't have been a big deal had the example they showed us not beein in color from two years ago when they did them all in color but now it costs too much even though the tuition raising every year has more than made up for it. And now I'm just ranting, sorry. KEY POINT: Dont go here unless you're a sadist, then you will fit in with the administration just fine......

Just so no one thinks I'm some crazy bitter lady, I graduated with a 4.0, passed their exit with a 91%, and I graduated on time.

anyone have any experience with the day classes?

I am about to graduate from the LVN program in Pomonca CA, what I would say is DONT DO IT !!

WORST experience of my life and im excited for it to be over.. My teacher is a nut case who alwayts left us hanging with her panick attacks and vacations we were screwed and ended up not finishing all the subjects until the end. She was a horrible teacher and read right out of the book. No experiences or scenarios to help but i do have to say that our clinical teachers were great except Ms Grace she is psycho and nuts and belongs in the psyche facility she instructed us at. Save ur money and go some where else.

I am currently going to NWC Pomona it is stressful but worth it so far, my mom has been through hell trying to get into a course through a community college and I just hopped right in suck it up and pay the money

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