Northbay Healthcare New Grad Program 2023

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Has anyone applied for the Northbay Healthcare New Grad Program? 

Most of the posts I see about it are years old and I was wondering if anyone who applied in 2023 has heard back yet.  Usually, I do a follow-up letter, but I don't see an email to send it to.

If you did apply good luck to you! ?


I applied on 4/3 and have not heard anything back. My application had some kind of glitch where it was showing I applied on 4/4 even though I got the confirmation email saying I applied on 4/3. I called and emailed to fix this glitch, since the application cycle was closed on 4/4. No one ever called or emailed me back, but the glitch is now fixed and reflecting the correct date. My application still says 'In Review.’

@Ashlee T. Wow so glad you were able to get your application in!   Mine says "In Review" as well.  I submitted on March 27th and haven't heard anything yet.  Which unit are you interested in working?

I was wondering if I haven't heard back, because I applied so late. But maybe they just take a very long time to start contacting people. I want L&D. You?

@Ashlee T Yay! I want L&D too!  Hope we get it!

When I look at some of the old threads on here it seems like it was at least a month before people heard anything.  Keep me posted if you get notified ?

Awesome! I hope we get in too! We just need someone to give a chance to train us! Of course, I will let you know if I hear anything. Please let me know too if you hear anything. You should be hearing something soon then, because it's almost been a month since you applied. 

I got a rejection email today :(

@Ashlee T Noooooooo!  That's a bummer!  I'm going to check my status now.  No email either way so far for me?  I was just thinking that it has been exactly a month today since I applied. 

Did they say why?

Mine says still in review.

and just now I got my rejection letter ?

Yeah my rejection email was super generic. I'm sorry you got the letter too, they may just not be accepting anyone to L&D this cohort. I live down by San Jose and I've heard from several hospitals that they weren't accepting L&D new grads for whatever reason these previous application cycles. Do you live in the Bay? I know several hospitals that say they will be accepting L&D during their next application cycles. But unfortunately they don't start till the end of the year almost.

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