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This is my first post. I noticed that there hasn't been a thread started for this application cycle. So, I wanted to start one for anyone else applying for next spring. I am am taking my last... Read More

  1. by   brb44
    I really hope they start making calls tomorrow! Especially with thanksgiving next week. I'm really surprised that it's taking so long to notify the first few people.
  2. by   er2019
    Yes, she said it would be at least the end of the week, if then... I'm sure they have to confirm people and number of spots before they start going down the list.
  3. by   er2019
    If you get the blackboard app and turn on your notifications it will notify you when they post anything so you don't have to keep checking the page!
  4. by   brb44
    Registration for classes was today and if they originally accepted 81 students then there's only 55 registered. So 26 spots open??
  5. by   brb44
    Actually I read the webadvisor wrong only 46 students registered for NUR 111 yesterday.
  6. by   er2019
    yea its up to 49 now. I'm sure there are some that just haven't registered yet. A friend of mine didn't do it until late last night. They are already assigned a section, its just a matter of them registering for it. Hopefully the number is close to accurate! I wonder how long they have to sign up?!
  7. by   er2019
    Now there's 55 registered. They technically have until the first day of class to register, so its really not a good indication of how many accepted the spot...
  8. by   brb44
    So I went by campus Thursday to turn in my fingerprints and they said they might start calling alternates on Friday. Now it's halfway through Monday and still the list hasn't moved at all. I can't help but feel nervous and like there might be more going on.
  9. by   er2019
    I went by the nursing office yesterday as they were packing up for the day and they said that they are making calls today! They have had a few accepted students decline spots and 3 alternates decline spots. 2 of which are ahead of me on the list There is hope it will start moving soon!
  10. by   brb44
    What number are you on the list if you don't mind me asking?
  11. by   er2019
    How about you?
  12. by   brb44
    Good idea! Same!
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  13. by   brb44
    I just stopped by and there aren't going to be any calls today.