Wake Tech Spring 2019 - page 5

This is my first post. I noticed that there hasn't been a thread started for this application cycle. So, I wanted to start one for anyone else applying for next spring. I am am taking my last... Read More

  1. by   Adnonmyway
    I'm in!!!
  2. by   brb44
    Is anyone waiting to hear back from other programs?
  3. by   juliahgmason
    i never received a code for ordering a drug test, does anyone know if this needs to be completed before Friday orientation? Does anyone have the code to share or are they unique?
  4. by   brb44
    The alternate list already moved ten spots!
  5. by   er2019
    Not sure that's correct...Where did you see that? The site says its still hasn't gone to the alternates. At orientation yesterday they said it would not start moving until November.
  6. by   brb44
    I met with Beth Watkins after orientation and she said 10 people that were offered spots that failed last semester have already declined/withdrawn. So ten people on the alternate list are for sure accepted. She wasn't sure why they didn't announce it at orientation.
  7. by   er2019
    That's great news!
  8. by   er2019
    There were 11 folders in the box for people that didn't show up to orientation, so hopefully those people aren't accepting their spot. They do still have a chance to accept though - even though it was mandatory...Don't know if those were alternates or accepted, but at least that should change the number some too! Ms. Watkins did email me after orientation and said to remain hopeful for acceptance.
  9. by   brb44
    Also they only accepted 81 but clinicals have 90-98 spots so that would also allow more alternates to be accepted.
  10. by   brb44
    Do you think it's strange the list hasn't moved at all! I mean they said there were spots and one person at orientation had even already declined theirs. I'm just confused if they're waiting for something to begin working their way down the list.
  11. by   er2019
    lol I was worried too... I emailed Ms Watkins a couple of days ago and she said they had some other pressing priorities to take care of and thanks for being patient. I know the other lady told me at orientation that it would be well into November before they even started going to the list. She even said it may be after Thanksgiving...I'm assuming they have to confirm the number of spots available for clinical and how many are returning. I've been going down that list of all the things for CastleBranch and getting most of that done, so at least I'm kinda prepared if we get notification. It stinks being patient! haha
  12. by   brb44
    I got an email today that they aren't accepting alternates until after the makeup orientation in mid November! So no need to keep refreshing blackboard for another week or so.
  13. by   er2019
    Just a heads up - they had the makeup orientation this past Friday, so they said maybe by the end of this week the list will start moving