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This is my first post. I noticed that there hasn't been a thread started for this application cycle. So, I wanted to start one for anyone else applying for next spring. I am am taking my last... Read More

  1. by   Cole 1234
    Wish you all the best too.
  2. by   Eram786
    Congrats for achieving such a good score. Good luck to you as well. Honestly, the wait is getting to me. Has anyone got a letter from the nursing program yet.
  3. by   jpwood3
    Nope haven't heard anything. Maybe next week People will start receiving letters.
  4. by   Kat25si
    I also applied for spring 2019 and waiting anxiously for the letters. Today they told me they will not send them out earlier than Mid October !
  5. by   carolmcchez
    They're going to have to have orientation before registration starts which is oct. 31st, so I would hope they would send them out early october!
  6. by   lancasterb14
    I also applied for Spring 19! Haven't gotten anything yet - hopefully we will hear something soon. If anyone hears anything let us know!
  7. by   Adnonmyway
    Orientation date will be October 26. As of yesterday, the ranking list has not been received by the office that sends out our letters. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  8. by   binghambr
    Called today and asked if the letters had been mailed yet and got a very quick no! Hopefully they'll be out next week.
  9. by   lindsatwater
    Hey y'all! I have been chatting back and forth with one of the student services specialists at Wake Tech the past few months. I emailed her today asking if there was any update on our letters or orientation; she told me that she had not been told any updates on the ranking status or an estimated time when the Nursing department will be mailing them out. She thinks that they will be mailed them out within the next couple of weeks in order to provide us enough time to purchase our criminal background check if we do get in. As for orientation she said that she had not heard of them scheduling a specific day for our orientation yet. Keep our fingers crossed that we will hear back sooner rather than later and I wish you all the best of luck!
  10. by   Eram786
    Hi Everyone,
    A friend of mine spoke to Wake Tech Advisor and was informed that the letters will most likely mailed mid october or end of october.
  11. by   Nic1021
    Hey everyone,

    I received this email today. Hopefully we'll have answers by next week. Good luck!

    Hello Nicole,

    We have received communication from the Nursing Department that the admissions status letters for Spring 2019 should be mailed this week.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Wake Tech Community College, Perry Health Sciences Campus
    2901 Holston Lane, Raleigh, NC 27610-2092
    919-250-4252 (FAX)
    Lead the Way | Wake Technical Community College

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  12. by   Eram786
    Hi jpwood3. Congrats on getting 163pts. Hopefully, soon we will be informed about our nursing school application. I am being optimistic that it will come sooner than later. I know it is wishful thinking.
  13. by   lancasterb14
    Anyone heard anything?