Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

  1. Anyone submitting an application to the nursing program at WTCC this upcoming July for spring 2017? Wanted to connect with others who may be in my shoes. I'm still working on some prerequisites (TEAS and CNA) but hope to finish them up by May. I will be transferring most of my prerequisites in from another school.
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  3. by   Jpeters247
    Hey! I'm looking to apply for the Fall 2016. I'm in Micro now, last class and then studying for Teas and CNA all at the same darn time while working fulltime, two babies and a husband whose trying to pursue his nursing degree as well. I'm just a little ahead of him, well way ahead, lol. All B's here, I'm hoping that's good!
  4. by   CN_2bRN919
    Oh wow! Good luck! So exciting that you will be applying soon! I am currently studying for the TEAS as well. When is your exam? I will be starting my CNA course in December. I have two classes I plan to take online in the spring (Dev PSY and Nutrition).
  5. by   Marta1990
    i plan on submitting an application for the spring 2017 nursing program. I'm currently taking A&P 168 Working on CNA and TEAS. Will start micro in summer; A&P 169 in fall; even though all of my prereqs arnt complete I have all great grades to see where I stand. Deep down if I don't get a letter of acceptance or wait listed it won't be surprising to me. But if I get in God willing then I will deff take my seat!
  6. by   CN_2bRN919
    Good luck Marta1990! I am sure you will do great! Have you talked to anyone else applying in July? After this semester I will have completed all of the nursing prerequisites which I am hoping makes it a little easier if I do get into the clinical phase.
  7. by   Jpeters247
    Hey everyone! I wrote earlier that I was completing all those things at once and completed Micro with only a B. I bailed out on Teas exam and will take that in two more months. Cna will challange March 12 please wish me luck on the skills as I have not completed a class for it. My humanities class was all taken away which was Religion and they did away with it so currently taking Hum 115. So hoping to pass the Cna because no more challenging or after February
  8. by   CN_2bRN919
    Crossing my fingers Jpeters247! The TEAS was not bad at all. I prepared for about 2-3 weeks and made in the upper 80's. I'm finishing up my CNA class and plan to take the exam in April. Do you feel like you have an idea of how many points you will have when you apply?
  9. by   Marta1990
    That's great that you can challenge the CNA. I was going to do that but per admissions at WAKETECH they said that no student can challenge the exam because they won't accept it.. I have no choice to take it in the evenings since it interferes with my other classes;/. Good luck to you!
  10. by   CN_2bRN919
    Hi Marta1990, are you currently taking a CNA night class for or will yours be starting soon? So glad they offer the night classes because that was the only thing that worked with my schedule too, the only downfall, the class sessions are a lot shorter so the length of the overall class is longer. My class ends in March, but started way back in December.
  11. by   CN_2bRN919
    Jpeters247, did you have any trouble signing up for the CNA exam? I've heard that the seats fill up very fast. Did you pretty much get to test the day that you originally wanted?
  12. by   Marta1990
    I'm starting next month In March it's the last week of the month and then ends sometime in June.. It sounds about the same as your CNA class I wanted to take it at JCC bc they offer a hybrid program but it will interest during their clinical rotations when I'm in school so I have. I choice to do it this way.. I'm glad so I can apply by July 31st you know? Where are you doing your clinical rotation at?
  13. by   CN_2bRN919
    Good luck! At WTCC the day classes typically go to the hospital and the night classes typically go to an assisted living facility. I'm glad that they pushed the application deadline back. Do you have an idea as to how many points you'll think you'll have when you apply in July?
  14. by   Marta1990
    Oh ok well this one class will do it at the hospital from what it's saying which is a huge plus for me: with all of points im at 137 that's not including bio 169 or bio 175. So we'll see. And you?