Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

  1. Hi all! Just wondering who will be applying to the Wake Tech RN program in January, for the Fall 2017 start? I'm finishing up BIO168, BIO175, PSY241 and SOC210 this semester. If I can maintain all As, and get 12 points on my ATI TEAS, I'll have 161 points. Based on the last two classes' initial acceptance ranges, I feel like I'll be an alternate.
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  3. by   hbnc
    Hello, I am planning to apply in January as well. I applied in July, but knew it was a crazy long shot as I only had 107 points then. I'm finishing up BIO 169 and 175 this semester and also retook the TEAS. If everything continues to go as planned, I should have 173 points when I apply in January.
  4. by   coneal783
    Hi Hunter! Awesome! That point total definitely seems like it will be in the acceptance range. So, did you take the TEAS before, without having BIO 169? Did you study the 169 material before taking the TEAS the first time? I'm planning to take the TEAS in early January, to give myself enough time to go over 169 material.
  5. by   Mrslaflin
    Yes I definitely think your in the point range @173 any updates of what your at right now. I still need to take my teas and that's it have everything else done.
  6. by   hbnc
    Yes, I took the TEAS before taking BIO 169, was actually only two weeks into BIO 168 when I took it the first time. I didn't really study anything for the TEAS prior to taking it either time. I just took a TEAS practice test to make sure my times were good and have an idea of what to expect.

    It still looks like I will be at 173 right now. Have to take finals for BIO 168 and BIO 175 this week, depending on how those go, could possibly go up slightly in points.
  7. by   Mrslaflin
    Just gave Mrs Watkins my application today. So fingers crossed. This board isn't as busy as the previous years usually are.
  8. by   hbnc
    I'm hoping to take mine next week. Will she review it with you and confirm how many points you have? I want to make sure I haven't made any mistakes in calculating mine.
  9. by   Mrslaflin
    I'm not sure I sent mine via email
  10. by   hbnc
    Dropped my application off yesterday.
  11. by   coneal783
    Good luck everyone! I'll be turning in my application this week. I hate that we have to wait months to hear anything!
  12. by   coneal783
    Wow, not much activity in here? Maybe this means there aren't many applicants this time??
  13. by   NUCUnurse
    Hello. I applied to Wake Tech for Fall 2017 too. Has anyone heard how many applicants they have? I hate the waiting.
  14. by   Mrslaflin
    I haven't heard anything yet. Walking on pins and needles here. Not much activity on here like past years though wonder why.