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  1. Is anyone attending UOP Masters program.? I just started and would like some insight or shortcuts.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I did my MSN via UofP - graduated in May 2005. I did in in one year - took two classes at a time and skipped ALL the breaks (stupid, I know but I was under a time constraint). Hints:

    1. Don't print the book -look it over online if you have too. Be judicious - don't read everything - you'll be inundated!

    2. Make the dreaded team assignments your priority. Even if no one else is doing their part - get yours done and turned in to the group - one less hassle to worry about.

    3. Post daily - yes I know you only have to post five days/week. Trust me, there will always be something that comes up - best to be ahead of the game.
  4. by   Praise,RN
    Quote from enfermera1
    Is anyone attending UOP Masters program.? I just started and would like some insight or shortcuts.
    Currently attending uop-online. This is my second year! Challenging program, however manageable. Requires a lot of organization, priortizing, planning ahead, planning for unforseen circumstances as assignments are still due regardless. I have really enjoyed the program thus far. I have learned more than I would ever have learned sitting in a traditional classroom, where you can only ask a certain amount of questions. The professors are excellent resources as well as your colleagues will be too. You will definitley be prepared at the Master's level once you finish and somewhat beyond if you option for doctoral studies later in.

    All the best,
    Praise, RN
  5. by   Praise,RN
    Hi UOP friends,

    Is there anyone attending the university of phoenix online nursing program from North Carolina, who is receiving any type of educational assistance via State of North Carolina assistance and/or others? If so, please share this information, I really need some educational assistance. My employeer is providing 0%.

    Praise, RN
  6. by   Tomskatt
    I am attending U of P for my BSN. I started when I lived in NY and had some reimbursement. Now I get $1500, and that's a bit more than one class. Not too helpful. Anyway, I didn't qualify for assistance except for a student loan. I can't do it any other way. Good luck to you. It is nice to read this encouraging thread. With U of P being so large it is easy to find negative thoughts from people. Not many people say anything if they don't have a complaint, KWIM? BTW, so far, 7 classes into this, I have had a positive experience.