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  1. Hi! Just had an interview with one of the hospitals in Raleigh.The clinical manager described the workload on the unit(med surg)After the interview she decided to let me shadow and see for myself if I will fit in on the job and asked to let her know if I will like working on the unit or not.I told her that I will go on Monday to shadow.I am confused because I have asked my uncle who is an RN he told me that it is not safe to shadow coz the instutution will not be answerable if anything happens to me while I am on the unit.Moreover they might ask me to do something while on shadow and my license will be at stake.So I was terrified by that idea.My uncle told me that if they like you they can just hire you and say yes if don't they can just let you go.He even told me that you can only shadow once you are hired.So I really don't know where will I stand. As fellow nurses please give me your thoughts on this matter I will really appreciate any suggestions or ideas that you may give.
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    I used to work for Rex PRN on their mother/baby unit and I really really liked working for them. As far as shadowing goes, they cannot and will not ask you to do anything to or for the patients. While shadowing, that's only what you are doing, you are only observing the environment. You are there to see how the staff works together, how the RNs communicate with the MDs, how the charting is, how the scheduling is, and just get a feel for the culture. You should know after shadowing if working there is something that you want to do or not. Managers offer a shadowing experience oftentimes so that you don't have any false expectations of how things are. Also, they get feedback from the staff on how your personality was. It's really a great idea if you are unsure or on the fence about whether or not you want to accept a position. It is by NO means a performance evaluation or anything like that. You are just a follower while you are shadowing. It's a chance for you to ask ?s of the staff and see how they honestly feel about working there without the manager being there. I would HIGHLY recommend it! Best of luck. I think that Rex is probably the best hospital in the triangle to work for. I've worked at Rex, Duke, and now UNC.
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    Hi! Kimmers thanks for your thoughts! Yes I will do the shadowing and I am hoping I will really like the working environment.You have said that you've worked for Duke?What can you say about Duke Durham and Duke Raleigh? Thanks again.
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    I think it is an excellent idea to shadow I have only ever shadowed for one job and it was the best job I ever did
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    Thanks for your thoughts:-)I keep u you posted if I will get it hihihihi
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    I got the job! Thanks all!! I'm working on my own now hihihi GOD bless us all!