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  1. If anyone went through UNCC's nursing program or have been accepted, I want to have a little insight about your overall thoughts on the program. I want to know things like what kind of grades and credentials you had to get accepted, how the professors are, if the staff is helpful, course difficulty etc......or any other information that you might think is helpful. I have tried and tried to get student thoughts on the program but was unsuccessful. It seems like even on allnurses.com there isn't much people have to say about the school, I've only seen the majority of the information about other schools.

    Thanks in advance to those who respond
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  3. by   damaranicole
    Did you get in? I am looking in to the program as well for Fall 2011.
  4. by   misanonymous88
    Unfortunately I didn't get in. I am shocked at how competitive it is. I thought I was a decent candidate too.
  5. by   amyleadon
    @misanonymous88, do you mind telling me what your application was like.
    What was your undergrad gpa
    What was your science gpa
    Essays, did you do all three.
    How much volunteer/work experience do you have.

    I am planning on applying for next year, Jan or May, and I think I'm a pretty decent candidate as well. I hope you reapply and I wish you acceptance in the school of your choice. I really am looking forward to attending UNC and trying to "claim it", remain focused, and work hard.