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  1. Hey Everyone! I currently am a pre nursing student at UNCW and I want to transfer to UNCC in the fall. UNCC requires you to have a B or better in all science classes and I got a C in chemistry. I wanted to retake it at UNCW over the summer but I dont think I can since I got a C. Does anyone know how applicants are admitted to UNCC school of nursing? I know UNCW does a point system but i'm not sure what UNCC does. Thanks!
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    Just stay away from that god-awful school on the hill...

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    haha, oh I won't be going anywhere near there!
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    Do you mean UNC Charlotte? I don't know about their system, but I am curious as to why you couldn't repeat chem during the summer. Have you contacted the nursing dept at UNCC?
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    I am a pre-nursing student at UNCC. I already applied for upper division and I should be hearing back from them soon. From what I hear your gpa should be around a 3.7 to get in. My GPA is a 3.5 and I had to retake chemistry 1204 because I got a C the first time but the second time I got an A. I do know that you can only retake one class though. UNCC does a point system too, if you have taken more than 36 credit hrs at uncc you get extra points and if you have done atleast 50 hours of direct patient care you get points. I will let you know if I get in and that will be a good indicator as to if you could actually get in the BSN program if you retake a class because we have a similar if not the same situation. I hope this helps.
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    Well I just got my acceptance letter yesterday so as long as you retake your chemistry class and get an A you still have a good chance of getting in. Good luck!!