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  1. Did anyone apply for Stanly Community College for Fall 2011?
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  3. by   RT21
    Quote from NCstudentnurse715
    Did anyone apply for Stanly Community College for Fall 2011?
    Anyone accepted to Stanly CC fall 2012? I haven't received my official letter of acceptance, but did check my admission status online that states I was accepted...anyone else hear anything? I'm trying not to get excited because I'll feel more comfortable once I have a letter of acceptance in hand.
  4. by   lbmRN2014
    I got my acceptance letter on Saturday for Fall 2012
  5. by   RT21
    Yaaaaaayyy! I received mine on friday! I noticed that not many students from SCC are on Interested in getting to know other students that were accepted. Congrats to you.....looking forward to getting to know you and other fellow classmates. Do you know when classes start; I'm assuming some time in August.
  6. by   RT21
    I'm sorry, I meant to say that I received mine on Saturday as well.
  7. by   skeewee1990
    Yay for us! I received my acceptance letter on Saturday. I am sooooooo excited! Looking forward to getting to know you guys :-)
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  9. by   RT21
    Yaaaay, Congrats to you as well! I didn't see the NC Nursing Program forum that the moderator mentioned.
  10. by   skeewee1990
    Does anyone know what facilities Stanly uses for clinical? Also...are there programs at both campuses...or is it just one program? Can you take all classes at either campus...or are certain classes offered at each campus?
  11. by   RT21
    No, I'm not sure of what facilities are used for clinicals...hopefully some will be in Charlotte being that's where I live! LOL I'm not sure of the classroom location either, but I did hear that all the lectures are recorded and students have the option of coming to class....hopefully, that's true because that will allow me to continue working...hopefully someone else will provide some insight.

    Where do you live?
  12. by   skeewee1990
    I live in Concord. I was just looking at the class schedule from Fall 2011. Nurs 111 was offered at both campuses last fall. I also noticed that some of the clinicals run into the evening and are also on Saturday. I am going to stop working early August so that I can get my life organized and get my mind ready.....
  13. by   RT21
    I may go part-time, not sure yet...i currently self-schedule & work 3, 12 hour shifts. I'll see how the 1st semester goes.I guess we'll find out the details sooner than later.
  14. by   lbmRN2014
    Congrats to everyone for acceptance for Fall 2012! I live in Salisbury myself, and I have heard the classroom part is online?? Not 100% sure. I know someone who did the CNA program at Stanly and she did all the classroom part online and went to clinicals on Saturdays and Sundays for 12 hours each day. I think it was an accelerated program so she could get through quicker. I'm not sure about the clinicals portion for the nursing program. I'm so excited about starting the nursing program! I have been a CNA for almost 10 years and I have wanted to be a nurse since high school. I know it's a stressful job, but it is a well respected field and I get to help people which is in my nature to do. Good luck to everybody and I hope to get to know you all better come August!