RN Programs in NC

  1. Does anyone know if in our state when we complete a certain percentage of the RN program if we can sit for the LPN license exam or CNA exams?
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Once you complete your first year of nursing school, you are qualified to apply for a CNA II certificate. Some schools automatically apply for you, others you have to apply for yourself.
  4. by   salpal92
    Anyone can sit for the CNA I state exam, even without training. NC will allow you to challenge the test. But after taking fundamentals would be the recommended amount of time. And after the first full year you can sit for the CNA II program.

    for CNA I info go to :www.ncnar.org--go to FAQ's and you can verify that you need NO training to challenge the exam.

    for CNA II info go to: www.ncbon.com

    Good Luck!
  5. by   rninnc
    You can sit for the CNA I I think after your first semester and CNA II after your second or third. Not sure. I know you can only sit for the LPN exam if the school you attend has an exit point for LPNs. Johnston Co CC has that I know, in Smithfield, NC. Not sure who else does. May want to check the NC board of Nursing website for that information: www.ncbon.org .