Queens University ABSN Program

  1. Since there are not many recent posts about Queens' accelerated BSN program, are there any current students or grads who can give their perspective?

    I am applying for Summer 2016 and would love to hear what people think!

    Otherwise, is anyone else applying for next year as well?
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  3. by   nursemn13
    I graduated from the ABSN program at Queens. The program had a fair share of problems (I don't know if any better or worse than other nursing programs); but it accomplished what I needed, which was graduating with my BSN and passing NCLEX.
    Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to answer them
  4. by   CharlotteNC16
    Wonderful, thank you so much!! Queens is actually the only program I’m applying to, since it is the only accelerated BSN in the area and I’d love to stay in Charlotte. I'm hoping it's worth the tuition!

    My biggest concern is how difficult the program was to keep up with, since it is short even for an accelerated program. Were most students in your class able to keep up? I am expecting it to be intense but am hoping it is not so short that I feel unprepared for the NCLEX at the end of the year
  5. by   nursemn13
    My rationale for attending Queens was the same as yours -- it's the only accelerated program in or near Charlotte.

    The program was challenging, but not nearly as difficult or time consumptive as I expected it to be. There were several people in my cohort who did not successfully complete the program, but those were mostly students with a lot of other issues (kids, family problems, etc.). Bottom line: the program is doable but you will have significant student loans, you just have to figure out if being in the job market a year earlier vs a traditional program is worth the additional cost.

    I had no problem passing NCLEX (I took it within 2 weeks of graduating) and neither did most people that I kept up with. The biggest thing with NCLEX is to do tons of practice questions (I did hundreds of questions a week during my last semester).
  6. by   CharlotteNC16
    That is great you did well on the NCLEX, I do feel better knowing you had no problem passing. Without hearing too much about the program, I really just had no idea what to expect - I mostly only hear about people applying to Duke or MUSC's ABSN.

    For me personally, doing the accelerated program 100% makes the most sense since this is a career change for me and I'd like to get out in the job market sooner. That, and I am hoping to not be a student forever! I am looking forward to going back to school but am also not about to extend it longer than necessary.

    One thing I was curious about was, were you able to choose any elective clinicals? I know once I get into the different specialties in school I might change my mind, but right now I'm interested in OR nursing. Knowing I could possibly choose a surgery clinical would be huge - thanks!
  7. by   nursemn13
    There are no elective clinicals at Queens, and when I was in the program there was not an OR rotation. I'm not sure if any nursing programs have the option for an elective clinical rotation.
  8. by   CharlotteNC16
    Good to know. Well, my application is submitted so I will just hold tight until Spring when acceptance decisions are made. Thanks again for your input, I appreciate it!
  9. by   CharNC
    Any luck with applying? I feel a bit silly, but the application only shows 2015-2016.
  10. by   CharlotteNC16
    2015-16 was the only term offered when I applied a few weeks back also. That should be fine! There is a place on the supplemental application where you can enter Summer '16, so I don't think it is a problem.
  11. by   CharNC
    Awesome! Last question.. Haha. Have you seen where we pay the $50? I'm having a hard time over here! Ha
  12. by   CharlotteNC16
    No worries! I just dropped my check by admissions (Withers House office) since I live in Charlotte and wanted to check out campus . They only take a check or money order, so otherwise you have to mail it in with your supplemental application. The address is at the bottom of the supplemental app - good luck!
  13. by   js1989
    I applied for Summer 16 too! I guess now it is a waiting game to hear back.
  14. by   CharlotteNC16
    That's great! I hope these 6 weeks will fly by ... it sounds like we should start receiving letters the first week of March. One piece of good news admissions mentioned was that they receive a few hundred applications, however only about 150-ish are complete ones. I hope that is true!