Per Diem Agency Pay Rates?

  1. Hi all. I am a thinking about picking up some per diem hours through an agency in the Raleigh/Durham area but I barely know anyone that works for agencies these days. Most websites i have been on only say they offer a "competative salary"

    Any suggestions on which agencies pay the best?

    Thanks in advance :spin:
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  3. by   japaho41
    Some of the hospitals have internal travel positions like Wake Med which will bypass the agency all together.
  4. by   TallBlondie
    I have heard that Liquid Agents pays $45/hour $40/day per diem for food/gas/etc and cost of rent or $1200 whichever you prefer
  5. by   japaho41
    Depending on the area of NC you are in I think that w/ a housing allowance on a travel contract you can expect to make double of what you made as a staff nurse. So 1000 - 1200/wk is about right.
  6. by   RN Zeke
    Durham Regional has an Internal Travel situation. You might want to check them out. It is a smaller hospital, parking is free and fairly close to the hospital too.
  7. by   BeefyJock8
    I worked agency for several years and made 35 - 38. Then I traveled and made about the same.

    But one thing I have found that many large hospitals are doing are making their own internal agencies where you are an employee of the hospital but you do contracts on your specific units and / or float.

    The one I am in is called their " flex pool ". I work only weekends and make 48$ an hour with no benefits.

    If you have a lot of ER or ICU experience you can go to HR and play hard ball.