New hanover medical center new grad RN

  1. Anyone apply to this?
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  3. by   jns1220
    I applied!! I have my 1st RN interview next week in Women's and Childrens.
  4. by   snfairfax
    Quote from jns1220
    I applied!! I have my 1st RN interview next week in Women's and Childrens.
    That's so exciting!! Congratulations what was the time line like for you in terms of applying and then getting an interview?
  5. by   calivianya
    I've applied too, haven't heard anything back yet. I love the Wilmington area and I'd love to live there, so I'm hoping to hear back soon. I called the HR department and they said they were considering and hiring internal applicants before external, so we'll see.

    jns1220- Were you an external or internal applicant, or are you graduating from a Wilmington-area school?
  6. by   jns1220
    I currently work there as an I applied internally. I go to school locally, and the only students to get interviews at this time are current employees. But they will be calling you soon!
  7. by   calivianya
    Good to know, thanks. I hope they do call me soon!
  8. by   jns1220
    Did either of you get an interview or job offer? I got a new grad position in Mother/Baby.
  9. by   calivianya
    I wish. I never heard anything back from them at all, no phone calls, no emails, nothing. I do wish people would at least say something if they weren't interested.
  10. by   olliesmommy1005
    I'm jealous you guys have this opportunity! Last year we had to wait until mid July for interviews! Epic held up the whole process! Good luck!
  11. by   ltramel
    For those that were hired on, what questions did HR ask during the interview? I have an interview next week and I definitely want to be prepared. Thanks in advance.
  12. by   calivianya
    The job posting is up for new grads! I'm wondering if it would be redundant to apply again since I didn't get a call or anything last time. I think I'm going to try.