New grad moving to greenville

  1. I have accepted a job at Vidant Medical Center in the surgical oncology unit to start on February 19th. I am wondering if I could get help with suggestions for apartments. Ones that I have liked are Waterford Place, Pointe at Wimbledon, and Treybrooke apartments. Does anyone have suggestions about other apartments or on the ones listed above? Any help would be much appreciated as I am moving from Minnesota and know nothing about the area.
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  3. by   mowens707
    If you want to stay near Vidant Medical Center, then Waterford and Treybrook will work. The Heritage at Arlington is also nice.
    Hope this helps.
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  4. by   teedlepeep
    I am graduating from ECU's nursing school and have been renting from wainright properties for years now! I really like the,. They have a couple of apt complexes right around vidant including the one I'm living in. Paladin west, cedar creek and medical center are all right around vidant!!
  5. by   mmc51264
    Wow, Vidant has been on a hiring frenzy! I have received a few emails for job fairs. it's too far for me to go, but I am happy where I am anyway. Good Luck all!!!!
  6. by   QuinnRN20
    I would center your search around the Vidant Medical Center. Greenville can be tricky with the location of ECU. I'm sure you don't want to end up living in a noisy student housing district. Will you be able to visit first before making your final decision on where to reside? You can also ask your contact person at Vidant if they have any housing recommendations. A real estate office in the area may also handle some rentals too. Good luck!
  7. by   Nurse7.0
    Hey!!! I have accepted my offer as well but I will be moving in June! Get a 2 bedroom and we'll room when I move?! Hahaha but umm I actually like the signature place coz it's super close to the hospital and the grocery store! I am not sure if you will be driving, but I plan to leave my car behind at least for the beginning so the signature place is the closest, walking distance wise!! otherwise treybrook looked great and so did the heritage just a little pricey tbh but so is the signature place and laundry isn't included there actually (I'm not sure if that's important to you) lol
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