New Grad May 2016

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    I am from Ohio and will be graduating with my BSN in May! I currently have 5 interviews and was looking for some feedback about the organizations and/or their interview process. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

    -Cape Fear Valley Medical Center: Fayetteville NC (Emergency Department)
    -Piedmont Medical Center: Rock Hill, SC (Emergency Department)
    -Moses C Cone: Greensboro, NC
    -Mission Health: Asheville, NC
    -Duke University Hospitals: Durham, NC (Oncology)
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  3. by   mmc51264
    The only 2 that I know people personally have worked for, Caper Fear and Rock Hill. Run from them. Don't know about Moses Cone or Asheville. I love working at Duke.
  4. by   LELRN
    I agree about Cape Fear Valley...RUN! Lots of travel nurses and you'll hate it. Moses Cone is an AWESOME hospital and I've heard good things about their residency program. And you can never go wrong with DUKE. That'd be my first choice, except Asheville is an awesome town... Good luck!
  5. by   qrkid
    I am also graduating in May. I live in Wilmington, NC but just interviewed and got a job offer at Mission in Asheville last Friday. I can't really talk to any of the hospitals mentioned but would say that of the cities that they are in I would only look at living in Durham and Asheville (I am obviously contemplating leaving Wilmington and the beach to go to Asheville) Everyone is different and others might love the other cities compared to me. All of them of pretty different so you might look into each place and not just the hospital.