New Grad ICU programs in NC

  1. Hi,
    My name is Charles. I recently saw a number of posts regarding New Grad ICU jobs in Charlotte NC, or anywhere in NC, and I wanted to reach out to the nursing community for some pointers. I graduate in April from Florida International University with a BSN and am moving to Charlotte, but am nervous about finding a New Grad position (especially in the ICU - which is what I want to do). Do you have any advice on networking or how to best positioning myself for an interview with Duke, WakeMed, Presbyterian or Carolina's Healthcare System? I am a solid student with a 3.914 GPA, I have previous experience as a Sterile Surgical Tech and an ER tech before that, a lot of research experience - any pointers would be much appreciated.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays,
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  3. by   bbbarber
    I know that Duke has a new grad program, you can choose a specialty that you prefer (like the ICU) but I'm not sure it guarantees it...

    I don't know much about Presby and CMC, but I imagine that its difficult to get right into the ICU there.

    WakeMed has a new grad program, but when I applied I didn't see and ICU option.
  4. by   narakira
    Hi Charles,

    Sorry, I couldn't reply to your e-mail directly. The site won't allow me to do that. Congrats on the ER interview! When I got called from the recruiter, she asked which two units I wanted to interview for. I told her the ICU and the ER. She told me that the ER was not taking residents at the time, so you are very lucky The recruiter picked the specific ICU for me to interview with. I know they have several ICUs at Pitt. Did you apply online for the residency? I think pitt reimburses up to 700 something and that does not include the hotel they set you up with. I was able to do it from Oregon, and I am broke too. Just fill up on the Continental breakfast. Ghetto but free way to eat. My advice is to be yourself. It is more about personality fit at this level because there are many new grads with stellar resumes. Personal clinical stories about leadership and stuff is also helpful to share at the interviews. I'm sure you have great stories from school and your work experience. Did you have a phone interview first with the ER? I am also out of state, so I had a phone interview first. Best of Luck Charles!

  5. by   rn8621
    Im excited about everything Pitt has to offer. Email me so we can keep in touch, I could use a frinedly contact (just remind me who you are so we can keep in touch)
  6. by   mihaSK

    I also applied to some new grad positions in NC and I am interested what is the process like when you are out of NC. I am trying to relocate from CA because it is too hard to find anything here. So, I applied for my RN endorsement and trying to get in NC. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

    I graduated 12/2011 BSN-RN with honors. Have ACLS, PALS, NRP, ECG, and STABLE program. Trying to get in Peds, NICU, Mother/Baby or ICU. Currently I am volunteering for magnet hospital on med surg floor and maternity but would love to find that first dream job.

    I am willing to relocate, but after 100's of applications done to CA, NC, CO I am still jobless.
    Any ideas on networking in NC?
  7. by   juujuu
    Hi, mihaSK

    I am also a 12/2011 CA new grad with NC license, trying to find my first job in NC. Any news from NC?
  8. by   mihaSK
    Hi juujuu

    How long have you been applying for RN jobs in NC? I started to apply in the beginning of March, when I got my temporary RN in NC but so far, no news. I applied all over NC, but I would love to be placed in UNC or DUKE. Any recommendations?
  9. by   skyegirl
    I have been applying all over NC since February (graduated Dec 2011) and have had absolutely no luck so far. I am really becoming frustrated with the whole thing, but trying to remain positive. I guess now I get to compete for jobs with May graduates. Yippee.