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  1. Can anyone tell me about Craven in New Bern? Also, can you tell me about the area and cost of living? Is it on the water? You can email me at
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  3. by   Cali
    Craven? Are you asking about Craven Community College or Craven County. Well New Bern is located in Craven County, and yes, it is right on the water. So close to the water that some areas flood when there is alot of rain. Cost of living is pretty cheap. (Considering where you're from) I lived in that area a few years ago but now live in California so I think the cost of living is really cheap. There is only one hospital is New Bern, which is Craven Regional Medical Center. There's not really much to do there as far as shopping and entertainment. There's 2 movie theaters and a small mall. If you want to do some shopping you may have to drive to Raleigh or Charlotte.
  4. by   Aneroo
    New Bern is very pretty, great if you lvoe history or just looking at the water. For entertainment, it sucks. Greenville is 45 minutes-1 hour away, and Jacksonville is only one hour. I recommend Jacksonville, just b/c they have more to do (huge marine base there). NB is only 30 minutes from the beach, which is the BEST part! -Andrea
  5. by   KrystleBleuRN is water but it is river water...not the ocean...don't get the two bodies of water confused. i live in new bern but its still at least 45 min to the ocean and the beach. not a fan of the hospital here in nb so i'll leave that up to someone else to talk about.