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Hello: Can anyone tell me about the hospitals in the Asheville area and what the pay is for staff ICU RN's? Thanks for any info!... Read More

  1. by   wasted-enough-time
    I am currently living in eastern NC, however we ( my family) would simply love to move to ( or at least closer to..) the NC moun tain area!! How's the job market there? Anyone here living/working there...What about Black mountain?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. by   adria37
    I work in Asheville and live in Spruce Pine. The job market is good, Black Mountain is a beautiful area to live.
  3. by   studentrn08
    Hey everyone is there any nurses from asheville nc or surrounding areas here. hit me up love making new friends
  4. by   studentrn08
    anyone in asheville here love to make friends with nurses in the area that can give me some advice on getting through nursing school
  5. by   adria37
    I finished nursing school AAS in 1987, BSN in 2001, MSN nursing education 2005, and now I am in school for a post Master's certificate FNP. I am the perpetual student. Do you work in healthcare in Asheville now? I work in an oncology office.
  6. by   koyeh
    Hi, yes I work at Mission. I am a diploma nurse, worked a couple of years and went back to college to get my BSN. Thought about a masters etc... really don't see the advantage yet. I like the idea of working in the ICU and coming home and forgetting about the place,
    While I was in College I worked part time in oncology at a small hospital and I glad there are people like you to work in that area.
  7. by   Dixielee
    Housing in Asheville is expensive, but the job market is good. Mission and St Josephs, VA, Park Ridge, Pardee, McDowell hospitals are all in the general area. Johnson City, TN is not that far if you live on the north side of town.

    We live in Old Fort, which is about 30 miles east of Asheville. Housing is much cheaper, and drive to town is easy. Black Mountain is just on the other side of the mountain from me and is a nice little community.

    I don't have anything bad to say about this area except housing is overpriced close in, but very reasonable if you don't mind driving a few miles.
  8. by   BSNtobe2009
    I took that highway from Johnson City to Asheville recently for the first time since it had been completed and I was BLOWN AWAY at how fast you can get to Asheville now! Trip was cut in half!
  9. by   Dixielee
    Quote from BSNtobe2009
    I took that highway from Johnson City to Asheville recently for the first time since it had been completed and I was BLOWN AWAY at how fast you can get to Asheville now! Trip was cut in half!
    That drive on I -26 is so beautiful, you really don't want it to end, well, maybe, you do, but it is quite scenic with the old farms and rolling hills.

    Another reason to live in this area, is of course the scenery. I don't care how bad my night at work has been, when I step outside the hospital and see the sun coming up over those mountains.....I am at complete peace again. The other afternoon I was driving down I-40. There was a hot air balloon low in the sky between two mountains with some wispy clouds behind it....looked like a perfect postcard.
  10. by   WaynesvilleRN
    I live in Waynesville which is on the West side of Asheville....Let me ask a question..You mentioned family...Do you have kids? Ages? There are a lot of pretty areas in the mountains BUT some plays are not kid oriented and some counties don't have the best public schools....What types of things is your family interested in? Hobbies, hangups, etc.....More than just housing will dictate what would work for you....
  11. by   adria37
    I believe Mission is very new grad friendly. I have heard they have a very good internship/orientation program.

    I am enrolled at WCU not totally online but they do offer several graduate courses online and I think the nursing education track may be mostly online.
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    nursing degree now offered to students
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    the initiation of the appalachian nursing program is in sync with both national and local needs for nurses. in an article depicting the national nursing ...
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  13. by   COMHEALTH7
    Does anyone have an opinion of the VA Hospital in Asheville? Thanks