NC New grad - salary negotiable?

  1. Hi!
    I am in Richmond, VA now, but looking to relocate to the Triangle area. I've done the research and cost of living is very similar. But I am being offered a much lower salary by the two hospitals I've had offers from in NC (versus VA). Neither is willing to give me credit (financially) for being a tech in an ICU for over a year while in school. Here they have.

    Is $19 really all I can hope for to start in the Triangle area? Also, I really want to stick with a teaching institution.
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  3. by   neygray
    "Is $19 really all I can hope for to start in the Triangle area?"

    Probably so. Teaching hospitals tend to not pay quite as much, but you are gaining a lot of experience you may not receive in non-teaching or private hospitals. I've not really come across a hospital that really takes into account of prior experience before receiving your license. Has anyone else? Also, is the hospital that is willing to give you financial credit the same one that you teched at? That could be the reason if so.
  4. by   NCVegRN
    Thanks for the response! Actually every hospital in this area gives students a bump for working as a tech. I was in an ICU and many also won't start you there unless you worked as a tech for over a year. But it doesn't have to be at the same hospital. I am by no means experienced, but I will say I am more comfortable in the ICU setting than many classmates and have seen and, in some cases, done a lot more. I already know I won't freak out the first time I assist in a code, for example, because I've already done it.

    I am learning the many differences between NC and VA even though it's so close. Here we can work 90 days until we take boards. Personally I think it's better to let everyone take and pass that first and that was my plan anyway.

    I definitely prefer the level of support and experience I really feel I am going to get at a teaching hospital, compared to non. So I know it's not all about the money - it is just taking me some time to come to terms with choosing to move AND make so much less to start! :spin:
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Many nurses work as techs/aides/CNAs prior to really isn't all that unusual.

    New grads (despite tech experience) have little room to negotiate. For the 1-3 initial years that you are out of school, you are "interning". A better possibility is negotiating a good raise after you have "proven" yourself in a year.