LPN Interested in Relocating to North Carolina

  1. I'm an LPN with almost 2 years of experience on an Obstetrics unit and float to Med Surg, Intensive Care and Behavioral Health. It's time to move on and experience other hospitals and locations. I've been considering Wilmington North Carolina since I graduated in 2009 but felt that staying home and gaining some experience first was a more logical step. I am starting gen ed classes to start working toward my RN so I have a lot of factors to work with in considering relocation.

    1. I've never been any further south than Ocean City, MD (I'm from Pennsylvania). I'd like to experience a new part of the country. I've also had many many friends tell me that Wilmington is beautiful as is the rest of the state (they are all on board with support of my possible move) and that I will love it.

    2. I spent 3 years living in Las Vegas. Loved every minute of it but that was desert. I'd like to go somewhere a little closer to the coast this time. I was cooped up much of the summer because it was too hot to go outside unless you were swimming in the pools. I love to walk and hike. I've started getting into running and am slowly trying to turn myself into a health freak. I see from some of the research I've been doing that Wilmington has plenty of outdoor activity beyond the obvious beach day.

    At this point, I know nothing about the health care system there...which is why I'm posting this thread. Can an LPN afford to live without a roommate based on wages in the state? I'm 29 years old and not really liking the idea of roommates but I'm definitely not closed to it if that's the better way to go financially. Are LPNs used in the hospital setting as clinical nurses or am I doomed to a doctor's office or nursing home? Are there any schools that offer bridge programs for LPNs to get their RN? I fully intend to get a bachelor's of nursing but at this point, I'd like to take the associates route so I can start working as an RN and then do my classes towards a BSN later. I am aware that many hospitals now are only accepting RN's who have a bachelor's degree..is this the case in Wilmington or North Carolina in general? I know I've mentioned Wilmington a lot, and from what I've seen it seems like a great place to go, but I'm by all means open to other suggestions. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and respond! I appreciate it greatly!
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  3. by   RobLPN
    I'm in NC, where do you want to live?
  4. by   skayes
    Wilmington. I'm going down next month to check it out and UNC to work on my RN and hopefully I love it, cause I'm ready to move! What kind of info do ya have for me?
  5. by   3ast3rnst4r
    I live in the Greenville area, which is about 2 1/2 hours North of Wilmington. Im a new graduate LPN and so far, since I graduated in July, the pickings have been rather slim. Nursing Homes, Home Health, and Doctors offices do most of the hiring. I live in a city where we have one of the best hospitals around and unfortunately one of two things is the case, 1. They do NOT hire LPN's anymore and prefer to staff with RN's or 2. they DO hire LPN's and its all about who you know. Wilmington is a beautiful area,I will admit, but as far as working in hospitals there...im not certain about that. Good Luck on all your future endeavors and your potential move to NC!
  6. by   skayes
    Yeah it's the same way across the board as far as hospitals not wanting LPNs anymore. It's lame. The hospital I work at now coudln't survive without us! So I find it hard to believe they don't hire them anymore! Anyway, I'll just have to look for something in LTC or a Doc's office for now I suppose. Or I guess I can always go to the old waiting tables deal! Hopefully I'll see something I like about Wilmington! I'm ready for a change. I'm going to tour Cape Fear Community College and see if I can take some classes towards the Associates Degree for Nursing and get moving on that pronto! I guess we'll see how it goes.
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    You get my IM?
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    Rob, yes I did get your IM, it won't let me reply to you for some reason... do you used GTalk or any other chat client?
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    Quote from skayes
    Rob, yes I did get your IM, it won't let me reply to you for some reason... do you used GTalk or any other chat client?
    no, but i sent you me cell if you like to call.
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    Well I have a strange and busy schedule, it's nearly impossible to get a whole phone conversation in. How about we email... I can do that! skayes@gmail.com
  11. by   hsienko
    the biggest thing about moving "down south" to NC to get a job as a LPN is that the LPN/LVN is not highly sought after in our already oversaturated market. Most hospitals I'm aware of require a minimum of either a ADN RN or BSN RN, and most LPN's end up working in LTC.

    You may wanna investigate the market seriously with just a long "stay" before comitting to a move, because I feel strongly there's not that much demand for LPNs here

    and I'm so not trying to be rude, just trying to say before you pack up and quit your day job to investigate the market (a 4 week stint or lining up some interviews prior to moving and hotelling might be beneficial)
  12. by   skayes
    Well thanks for the words of encouragement hsienko! LOL Kidding, anyway, no way am I just quitting my day job to wing it and come on a job hunt. I'm actually in a place on my schedule now that I have a few days to come visit, so I'm heading down to visit next week and check out the area, living, things to do, and all that good stuff. As with NC (apparently) LPN's aren't exactly top of the market anywhere anymore. Had I known this when I went through my PN program, I never would have even bothered and gone straight into an RN program. It's ok though because doing the LPN thing first has given me a stepping stone and has opened my eyes to what I can see myself doing in the future. So while I definitely feel like the evil step-child of nursing ... I do my part to take great care of my patients, regardless of the crappy way LPN's seem to be treated. The hospital I work at couldn't survive without LPN's, so it's crazy to think they aren't well needed everywhere but to each his own.

    I'm also going to meet with CFCC about their ADN program as I'm currently enrolled in classes here that are working toward my RN. I'm fine with LTC in the intrim while taknig classes. It will give me more experience in a different aspect of nursing. And besides that, I have plenty of other job experience unrelated to nursing so I can always fall back on those too if it comes down to it. Just trying to look at every experience in the positive light and would like to see some more of the country while I'm still "young" and "Unattached" and can do it! And who knows, maybe once I'm down for a visit, I won't even like it there and I'll have to create a "Plan B"
  13. by   PMKNSE
    I am an RN in Ohio looking to relocate to Wilmington next summer. Any advice on best places to work? I have 7 years Telemetry experience. Plan on applying for licensure in January and jobs in April. Plus is it hard to get in to the local hospitals?
  14. by   skayes
    Well there are two hospitals in Wilmington, and they're both under the same company. New Hanover Regional Medical Center. I don't know a thing about RN's getting in there or anything. Since LPN's are treated like the red headed step children of nursing, we get no opportunity to work in Hospitals. I started orienting at one rehab facility and hated it. Moved onto another and it's been an interesting road. lol I actually was able to work in my hometown hospital for two years prior to moving to Wilmington. So the switch to LTC was fascinating. I've actually grown to enjoy the LTC part of things. The rehab side of my facility leaves me clocking out and questioning if I was actually a nurse during that shift of just a pill popper in an assisted living situation. But overall the experience has been enlightening and I have learned a thing or two about wounds and stuff like that. I've decided that Wilmington isn't my final stop in the road to setting roots down somewhere. It's a quite little city and I love the beaches and such but I want a bit bigger, busy city so I'm off to Las Vegas (used to live there) to try my hand at some nursing (and School for my RN) there... GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!