How long until License posted on NCBON website?

  1. Did you guys got an NCLEX result after taking test? If you passed do you got an letter from NCSBN stating that you passed the NCLEX which shows your name, your picture, and passing result in it.
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  3. by   UnderpaidNurse
    I just took my NCLEX-PN on tuesday and found out yesterday that I had passed. My work is ready for me to start training for a LPN position but have to wait until my license is verifiable. Does anyone know how long until they process and post it on the website? I'm supposed to call work on Monday and let them know what is going on. Any info would be helpful.
  4. by   neygray
    No, you only get a pass/fail several days after the test.
  5. by   RGN1
    When I got my license through from Vermont there was a photocopy of the Pearson/NCSBN letter with my dippy black & white photo ,taken at the test centre, on it that confirmed I'd passed. The words "has passed" were in capital letters. There's no percentage etc just pass or fail.
  6. by   tms2786
    I am in the same position that you are in. I can't seem to find any answers to this question. Let us know if you figure anything out!!
  7. by   tms2786
    I emailed the NCBON and they responded that there is no "normal" amount of time and that the testing center has 30 days to send them the information then they would process it. I took my NCLEXPN on 9-6-06 and found out my results on 9-8-06. I am still not verifiable on the NCBON website and my job is wanting to start training me too. So i'm not really sure when we can expect to know anything. I read somewhere in another forum that it took 3 days after the test to be verified and they recieved their stuff in the mail the same day.