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  1. Hello everyone,
    I hope this post finds everyone in great spirits. I recently graduated nursing school, YIPPIE!

    Today, I completed the application for licensure through the NCBON. I also completed the registration with Pearson Vue to take the NCLEX. I will be getting the hardcopy (fingerprints, CBC money order, etc.. ) off to the BON tomorrow morning. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how long it would take everything to process and for me to be give an ATT. I was told six weeks by the BON, but I have heard others say not that long.

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  3. by   WolfpackRed
    The background check could hold you up around this time as many other students are being processed. I sent mine in ~ 4 weeks ago and it took ~2.5 weeks to come back to the BON and for them to update it. The other variable is the amount of time that it takes for your school to send in their information to the BON. A friend at Winston Salem State Uni. told me that the school holds that info for 30 days after graduation to send it to the BON.
  4. by   onesunniegal
    Thanks for the help! My school mailed out our info last Friday. Hopefully, I will get processed quickly (less than 6 weeks) as I would LOVE to take boards before family vacation.