HELP! new grad and will be new to the charlotte/NC metro area

  1. I am graduating from an associates degree program in SC in may.  As soon as I graduate I plan to move to the Charlotte area. I am wondering if anyone knows how many applicants are accepted to the new grad program at CMC and the other hospitals in the area. Is there any way to get an RN job in any of the hospitals if I do not get into that program? Any suggestions? I am terrified that I will not find a job!!!
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  3. by   ~PedsRN~
    I think CMC's new grad program is pretty much reserved for CMC's new grads.... they have a school (CCHS) that is affiliated with them. Presbyterian has a similar program you can check out as well... I am not sure how many they let in from "outside" schools either. I graduated Valedictorian from my program here in CLT and was not granted a spot in the CMC new grad program, if that gives you any indication. But never fear, I was hired on as a new grad RN anyway. All the area hospitals are hiring.... your best bet would be to get your name out there and start applying ASAP to any and all jobs. They are hiring new grads OUTSIDE of the new grad programs!

    Good luck!
  4. by   rcmageeRN
    I also moved from out of state and couldn't get into a new grad program at both Presby or CMC. I FINALLY got a new grad position at CMC (after 4 months of applying) so like the previous person said, keep your eye out for positions that specificallysay new grad. When I was in orientation there were so many new nurses going into the new grad program, but they all graduated from the CMC affiliate school. Not fair in my opinion, but it is what it is! I always browse the job posting site just to see what is out there and I think there are a few new grad spots open. Good luck if you're still looking!