Guilford Tech Fall 2012 Nursing Program - page 22

New to but, I just applied for Nursing School at GTCC and I am so anxious to find out what points are getting accepted! Just wondering how many have applied and what their point range... Read More

  1. by   amgladwell12
    I don't think there is a maximum amount of points you can have. The highest I have heard is between 70 and 80, I haven't heard of anyone with 100. I don't think 100 is possible. That is strange you did not get in because I know they accepted people with 42 points. You also had to pass the Teas with a 66 or above, maybe that's why? I know I had 39 points and recieved alternate letter #6.
  2. by   amgladwell12
    I just got accepted in!! Yayyy!!!! I'm so excited to be starting with you guys!!!!
  3. by   Mogget
    congrats!!! I was hoping they'd be working their way down the alternate list *fingers crossed*
  4. by   amgladwell12
    Thank you!!! Fingers crossed for you!!