Gaston College PN Program

  1. Did anyone else apply to Gaston College for fall 2011? I spoke with admissions and was told that they had over 250 applicants for 80 spots. Also, I was originally told that letters were going out at the end of March. Now they are saying the end of April. I'm just hoping for the best!
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  3. by   kaylen26
    Wow I have applied to the pn program! I was told mid March early April. I hope one of the 80 spots are mine lol. She said I had a highly competitive score I guess we'll see when those letters go out. Good Luck!!
  4. by   ncRNBSN715
    lol I hope so too!! Good luck!
  5. by   kaylen26
    You were right I contacted BD and she said they are still counting points, and letters will be sent out by the end of April. I guess no more stalking the mail box until then.
  6. by   ncRNBSN715
    Yep..just more waiting :grn:
  7. by   Onmyway323
    I talked to her today also and she said the same thing.
  8. by   Onmyway323
    Is the average point system still 8 to 9 points? does anyone know for the pn program?
  9. by   kaylen26
    Quote from Onmyway323
    Is the average point system still 8 to 9 points? does anyone know for the pn program?
    Not sure, but someone on here who is in the program now said that the lowest they accepted 3.5 gpa and up. My gpa was 3.8 so here's hoping it's good enough. How did they explain the points to you?
  10. by   Onmyway323
    This is how she explained the point system to me:
    4.0 = 5 points
    1.0 = Each general requirement class, (nutrition-BIO155, A&P -AP163, English- Eng111, Life Span-Psy110) = which equals to 4 points
    ACT = anything after 18 is 1 point or more.
    I have 10 points, she said, I have a good chance of getting in. I hope so.
    What about you?
  11. by   Onmyway323
    She was basing this off of last year points from students.
  12. by   kaylen26
    I had 11 points which she said was competitive, my husband says I worry to much lol. I told him I couldn't help it, waiting sucks we have a good chance I believe. Unless 80 people have higher scores and points.
  13. by   Onmyway323
    I know what you mean, I'm the same way. I think we will get in, based on what she was telling me. I just hate the waiting game. Which schedule curriculum did you applied for the morning or evening program?
  14. by   Onmyway323
    Based on this year's schedule - 60 students in the morning and 20 in the evening. I applied for the evening program.