Forsyth Tech Spring 2013 - page 5

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

  1. by   ErinJane1
    FTCC is a lot quicker than most places. I applied elsewhere with a deadline of the end of August and they still have not been out acceptance letters. We really should here within the next week, but it's always up to whoever is doing the current acceptances. Thanks change every semester it seems.
  2. by   Faith_and_Favor
    woww.. even GTCC was quicker than that.

    I know we all feel each others pain when it comes to waiting. Just gotta keep busy until then.

    My mail goes to my parents house which is 2 hours away, so I'm constantly checking this site to see if yall heard anything. That way I can call and harass my parents about my mail
  3. by   Brightfuture4us
    Did anyone hear how many applicants they neded up with this time?
  4. by   Faith_and_Favor
    I don't know if anyone besides me applied to GTCC as well.. but I spoke with a co-worker today who just started there this semester and she says the program is going great, her instructors are very helpful, and that they currently have 3 students who left FTCC for the GTCC program.

    This still doesn't make the decision any easier, but just wanted to let you all in on what I had heard.
  5. by   RayJ2049
    Maybe we will hear something today! Fingers crossed!!!
  6. by   Brightfuture4us
    Here's to hoping! I have been out of work with an injury so the days seem EXTRA long waiting lolol
  7. by   RayJ2049
    Hopefully you will get an acceptance letter to make you feel better!
  8. by   Brightfuture4us
    I know right! WHEN we get in...are you taking other classes with NUR? It seems like it is a pretty full schedule with just one class from what I could see. Also does anyone know if we get to chose the section or do they pick for you?
  9. by   RayJ2049
    i think you choose your own schedule somewhat. i think it's sections you get to choose from. and yes WHEN we get in! I have all my prereqs done so I'll have my hands full with just the nur classes!
  10. by   RayJ2049
    I think we can choose our own section as long as it's available. And yes WHEN we get in! I have all my prereqs done so I'll have my hands full with just the nursing classes.
  11. by   Brightfuture4us
    I also have everything done for ADN was tossing around taking a couple more that would apply towards my MSN later but really feel like I want to focus on NUR classes also! I am excited to hear and get the rest of the process finished up! Come on mail lady! lolol
  12. by   Brightfuture4us
    No mail from FTCC for me today
  13. by   Alisha003
    I think letters are in today. I have to go to USPS to pick it up because its certified mail and I wasn't home to get it today.