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Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

  1. by   Faith_and_Favor
    I can only imagine how you felt going through all that. The process of getting in is enough to drive a sane man INSANE. I wonder if these people understand just how much of a rollercoaster ride this is. I just try to keep busy, quote scriptures, and remind myself that God is in control.

    *rolling eyes* @ the future nurses. I hope they realize that clinical nursing will require some hands on dirty work. I hope they don't think that they'll be able to dodge it because they have an PN licensure. There are many other routes you can take in healthcare so maybe they'll find something else that fits them. I have a passion for this. I want this. When it comes to dirty work, I just think.. hey this could be me one day, so what type of care would I want to receive? That's all another story for another day. (just make sure you train them right!!

    Just ready to get the ball rolling so I can know what my next move needs to be.
  2. by   balatro
    Unfortunately where I work, the LPN attitude is pretty evenly split. There's some that won't assist with personal care, at all - no matter how simple it is. There's one in particular who I've watched walk into a room to give a resident their medicine, see that they're on the toilet (and bedpen as well; separate occasions), the resident says they're done and would like to be wiped and gotten off, this LPN will go "Yea, that's not my job." Gives the resident their medicine and walks out of the room, leaving them there and notifying no one.

    Others, will throw on a pair of gloves and clean a resident up after they've claimed the honors of the nastiest blowout of the day.

    Then again, there's also some older CNAs here too (hell, the LPNs and RNs too) (been doing it for 20+ years) that if the State Investigators saw what they did to the residents (and said to them), we'd be up **** creek in no time.
  3. by   Brightfuture4us
    Hi Faith_and_favor,
    I do not know anything about GTCC but I know that at Forsyth the grades and the TEAS are added together so they compliment each other rather than weigh heavier for one or the other. You could have low grades but high TEAS or low TEAS and high grades it is the total of the 2 that matters rather than how you got to it. I also wonder what it is that causes people to fail. I see it at all schools but no one has really said what did them in. I have been trying not to think about the deadline so time would not drag! I have had everything done and in for a long time. Now I realize that the wait will be over soon YAY! I believe schools send out acceptance...then wait list...then denial but I could be wrong. At any rate best wishes to you as the time draws near! I did not see what points you had for you mind sharing? I have 171.3.
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  4. by   Brightfuture4us
    Hi Balatro,
    It is unfortunate that these types of people exist...but they do. My mom was recently in the hospital and I saw things that shocked me and made me see what kind of nurse I DO NOT want to be. You have to love people and actually care about their well being even if it is not in your "job description" in order to be a great nurse. Best of luck with your applications!
  5. by   Faith_and_Favor
    oh.. I had 167 pts

    gona try to take a stab at the TEAS one last time
  6. by   Brightfuture4us
    I think you will be fine. I was back and forth about retaking the TEAS but I really didn't want to sit through it again lol. There are a few of us that are right in the 170 range. I am SO excited but trying not to think about how long it will take after the deadline to hear something!
  7. by   Faith_and_Favor
    See that's the thing, as much as really don't want to. I feel like I should. I'm having a battle in my head on if I should or shouldn't. I swear I really don't want to sit through it again either, and with everything else going on I don't know if I'll have time. Another part of me is like.. If you really want this, then give it your all . At least if I take it one last time I'll know that I really put in my best efforts. I don't want to beat myself up about it afterwards. It is what it is. Good luck to us all!
  8. by   balatro
    Considering the accepted ranges of last semester being 158+, I don't forsee composite scores climbing 9 points in one semester but who knows. If it puts your mind at ease, retake - they take the highest of your TEAS scores.
  9. by   Brightfuture4us
    I am struggling with that same feeling. I was really sick when I took it so I am sure I could do better but I think I am ok so going to let it ride lol. Everytime I open the study manual I am like UHG! I think times for TEAS are getting very booked now being that the deadline is approaching.
  10. by   Faith_and_Favor
    Deadline Day

    Never did take the TEAS over
  11. by   RayJ2049
    Good Luck to everyone! Please post as soon as you hear something!!
  12. by   Brightfuture4us
    Good morning everyone! Happy DEADLINE DAY! I have done well with not getting too anxious up until this point but now the wait is ON! lol. Best of luck to everyone beginning this wonderful journey! Maybe by the time next week we will know something! Let the mailbox stalking begin! lololol
  13. by   Brightfuture4us
    I had to call FTCC today and she should have a letter from us with in 4 weeks...if not sooner...PLEASE not that long! lolol