FLA to NC-New Grad

  1. here's hoping all of you in north carolina are well and safe after irene's visit. i am currently enrolled in an adn program in pensacola, fl and will hopefully graduate (and pass my nclex ) in may 2012. my question is, are there opportunities there for out-of-state, new grads holding an adn? i grew up in the triangle area and very much want to come home, and would love to be pretty much anywhere back in the tarheel state.
    thanks in advance for any replies!:heartbeat
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  3. by   corbinRN
    Hi! I work at WakeMed and we are hiring ADNs. With WakeMed, though, the hard part can be getting an interview. If you know someone who works there, you might have a better opportunity to get an interview.
    Good luck!
  4. by   Casey, RN
    Cape Fear in Fayetteville hired a ton of new grads this year :-)
  5. by   airborneinf82
    I just got hired on in NC as a graduate from Arizona, but as corbinRN already mentioned it will probably really help to have someone you know at a hospital, which is how I was able to get an interview. In fact, when I was initially told to go ahead and apply to get in the system, I was asked if I was a graduate of a NC nursing program and then autorejected the next morning, and I'm sure it was that. Good luck to you though. I'm sure with enough patience and diligence you can find a spot!